live, interviews, etc... 

Blood Brothers (2 cds) (no a/w)
tracklist coming soon. Personally recorded from vinyl.

Garden Of Delight (no a/w)
wasteland...and the dance goes on...garden of delight...let sleeping dogs lie...serpent's kiss...over the hills and far away...the crystal ocean...sacrilege...stay with me...wake...blood brother...1969...
Live 1987

Wake For You (no a/w)
wasteland...and the dance goes on...garden of delight...wake...like a hurricane...over the hills and far away...serpents kiss...naked and savage...bridges burning...stay with me...1969...sacrilege...
crystal ocean...
1-8 live in Bonn oct.7.89...9-14 live in Berlin jun.28.86

Reading Festival - England - aug.28.87 new jun.2016
wasteland...and the dance goes on...like a hurricane...kingdom come...serpents kiss...stay with me...wake...bridges burning... child's play...sacrilege...crystal ocean...1969...shelter from the storm...
Excellent sound. From radio broadcast to cassette to my cpu. Only cuts out one song from the concert and a slight edit in Shelter.

Words Upon the Sand (a/w)
Amelia...Grapes of wrath...Deliverance (edit)...Butterfly on a wheel...Sea of love...Mr. pleasant...
Official promo cd. Interviews between each track. 

Kingdom Of Heaven (no a/w)
wasteland...serpents kiss...severina...belief...kingdom come...deliverance...tower of strength...
crystal ocean...beyond the pale...child's play...
Live at Wembley Arena, London dec.1989

Sea Of Love (no a/w)
child's play...Severina...hands across the ocean...butterfly on a wheel...into the blue...sea of love...
kingdom come...beyond the pale...tower of strength...dream on...deliverance...like a hurricane... wasteland...
live in Dusseldorf 1990

Into the Blue (a/w)
Amelia...Wasteland...Serpent's kiss...Into the blue...Severina...Butterfly on a wheel...Sea of love... Kingdom come...Tower of strength...Deliverance...Crystal ocean...
Excellent sound. Live at Manchester Apollo march 15/90. 

In America (no a/w)
Tomorrow never knows...Stay with me...Garden of delight...Wasteland...Wishing well...Like a hurricane...Serpents kiss...1969...Shelter from the storm...Kingdome come...Butterfly on a wheel...Deliverance...Tower of strength...Amelia...Dancing barefoot...In between days (with Robert Smith)...
Excellent sound throughout. Track 1-3: New York Ritz 24.4.1987...Track 4-9: LA Palace Theatre 14.5.1987...Track 10-16: LA Hollywood palladium 11.5.1990

Live at H.O.B. 11.10.99 (no a/w)
tracklist coming soon. Personally recorded from HOB website. 

Paris La Locomotive jan 27/02 (no a/w) (2cd)
Intro...Evangeline...Hands across the ocean...Like a child again (rock version)...(Slave to) lust... Severina...Dragonfly...Amelia (rock version)/ Trophy/ It never rains...Sea of love...Beyond the pale...Swoon...Shine like the stars...cd2...Wasteland...Daddy's going to heaven now...Butterfly on a wheel...Never let me down again/ 1969...Wake...Tower of strength...Deliverance...
Excellent audience recording. Sounds like the boys kicked ass that night. 

Metal Gurus ep
merry x-mas everybody...metal guru...mama we'er all crazee now...gud bye t'jane 
Official cd e.p. Basically this is the Mission performing Glam Rock songs for charity. Cool.

Remixes & b-sides

God's Own Medicine era

Stay with me - extended 8.43 (vinyl)

Wasteland - extended version 7.20
                    - anniversary mix 7.46 (vinyl)
                    - dance mix 7.37 (promo vinyl only mix)

Shelter from the storm - live 7.20

Serpent's kiss - live 4.05

1969 - live 2.39

Dancing barefoot - live 2.03

Severina - aqua-marina mix 5.55

Wishing well - b-side 2.44

Tomorrow never knows - amphetamix 4.55

Love you to death - 1.27


Children era

Tower of strength - extended version 8.07
                               - bombay mix 11.07 

Breathe - vocal 2:16
               - instrumental 2.13

Beyond the pale - armageddon mix 8:44
                         - 7" mix 4:20

Tadeusz - 4.55
                - 4.41

Love me to death - reprise 4.45

For ever more - 5:57

Atomic - Blondie cover 5.00


Carved In Sand / Grains of Sand era

Butterfly on a wheel - 7" version 4.59
                                  - edit (promo cd) 4.29
                                  - magnificent octopus mix 9.06 

Kingdom come - 8.06 (promo vinyl only mix)

Deliverance - edit 4.08
                      - sorcerers mix 8.55

Into the blue - lala sheldon mix 
                     - first avenue remix 7.18

Child's play

Amelia - live 2.46

Stay with me - demo 4.32


Masque era

Never again - 7" version 3.45
                   - F1 mix 5.44
                   - zero g mix 5.50

Beautiful chaos - b-side 

Like a child again - remix
                               - extended
                               - hush-a-bye-baby 

All tangled up in you - b-side

Shades of green - 7" remix
                              - saintly mix
                              - extended 7" mix 5.55 (vinyl only)

Sticks and stones - casbah mix

You make me breathe - the barn mix

Spider and the fly - creepy crawly mix

Trail of scarlet - guitar mix
                         - sitar mix


Sum & Substance era

Tower of strength - east india trans cairo mix edit 4.41
                               - east india trans cairo mix 8.41
                               - tribal mantra mix 8.16
                               - bombay mix 11.24
                               - lysergic dub 7.39
                               - zen acoustic 8.11

Wasteland - musketeer mix 6.46

Serpent's kiss

Afterglow - 7" olympic edit 4.05 
                 - full length olympic mix 8.09
                 - reso central mix 8.16
                 - san marino score against england mix 9.07
                 - snow on the ground mix 7.26

Sour-puss - glamour puss mix 5.28

Cold as ice - b-side 4.30

Valentine - b-side 5.40


Neverland era

Raising cain

Sway - 

Neverland - instrumental 

Swoon - full balloon edit 
             - full balloon mix
             - over the moon edit
             - over the moon mix
             - bubble wrap mix
             - reserection mix

Whore - b-side

Wasting away - b-side

Lose myself in you - radio edit 3.41

Instant karma - 4.19

Pictures of matchstick men - 3.39


Blue era

Coming home - godlike version - 4.09

Perfect sunrise - b-side 1.53


Aura era

Frozen - hidden track on limited cd version

In denial - original version on limited cd

Anyone but you - b-side

Melt - b-side

Swoon - reprise

Afterglow (7" Edit Olympic mix)
Afterglow (Full length Olympic
Afterglow (Reso central mix)
Afterglow (San-Marino score against England mix)
Afterglow (Snow on the ground mix)         
All tangled up in you
Amelia (Live)
Amelia (LP version)
Beutiful chaos
Beyond the pale (4.20)
Beyond the pale (Armageddon mix)
Bird of passage
Breathe (vocal)
Butterfly on a wheel
Butterfly on a wheel (7" version)
Butterfly on a wheel (Edit)
Butterfly on a wheel (LP version)
Butterfly on a wheel (Magnificent octopus mix)
Butterfly on a wheel (Magnum opus mix)
Coming home (Album version)
Coming home (Godlike version)
Deliverance (4.08)
Deliverance (6.05)
Deliverance (Sorcerers mix)
Divided we fall
Dream on
Forever more
Grapes of wrath
Gud bye T'Jane
Hands across the ocean
Heaven knows (Live)
Heaven sends you
Hush-a-bye baby (child again)
Instant karma
Into the blue (la la sheldon mix)
Kingdom come (forever and again)
Like a child again (album version)
Like a child again (extended)
Like a child again (remix)
Lose myself in you (Album version)
Lose myself in you (Radio edit)
Love me to death (reprise)
Mama we'er all crazee now
Merry Xmas everybody
Metal guru
Mr Pleasant
Never again
Never again (F1 mix)
Never again (Zero G mix)
Neverland (instrumental)
Paradise (Will shine like the moon)
Perfect sunrise
Pictures of matchstick men
Raising Cain
Raising Cain (Live)
Sea of love
Shades of green (7" remix)
Shades of green (Album version)
Shades of green (Extended 7" mix)
Shades of green (Saintly mix)
Sourpuss (Glamour puss mix)
Spider and the fly (Creepy crawly mix)
Stay with me (demo)
Sticks and stones (Casbah mix)
Sway (Live)
Swoon (Bubble wrap mix)
Swoon (Full balloon mix)
Swoon (Live)
Swoon (Over the moon edit)
Swoon (Over the moon mix)
Swoon (Radio edit)
Swoon (Reserection mix) 
Tadeusz (4.01)
Tadeusz (4.55)
The grip of disease
Tower of strength (Bombay edit)
Tower of strength (Bombay mix) 11.24
Tower of strength (Casbah)
Tower of strength (East India Trans Cairo mix) 8.41
Tower of strength (East India Trans Cairo mix) edit 4.41
Tower of strength (Extended)
Tower of strength (Lysergic dub) 7.39
Tower of strength (Tribal mantra mix) 8.16
Tower of strength (Zen acoustic mix) 8.11
Trail of scarlet (Guitar mix)
Trail of scarlet (Sitar mix)
Wasteland (Musketeer mix)
Wasting away
You make me breathe (The barn mix)