"Earth AD Sessions" oct.03.82 (no a/w)
Earth A.D. (instrumental)...We Bite...Demonomania...Dream Silent...Burial...Thaw...
Okay sound quality. A lot of vinyl noise and over very very quick with only one song over 2 minutes. Mostly instrumental. Recorded at Unicorn Studios Santa Monica, CA.
a.k.a. Spot Sessions - track list is...Earth A.D. (instrumental)...We Bite...Demonomania...Wolfsblood (instrumental)...Queen Wasp (instrumental)...Devilock...

Psycho In The Wax Museum
Angel Baby...Death Of The Fallen Angel...
Excellent sound. Transferred personally from a very rare official 7" Fiend Club single. Track will never be released elsewhere!!
These are instrumentals as no lyrics were ever recorded for these songs. There is the occasional vinyl surface noise but very clean otherwise. 

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Static Age - 17 track US cd
The Collection - 4 cd coffin shaped boxed set - 100+ tracks
Walk Among Us - 13 track US cd
American Psycho - 17 track cd
Famous Monsters - 21 track UK cd (with bonus tracks)
Cuts From The Crypt - 17 track US cd
Day The Earth Caught Fire - 2 track US cd split single with Balzac
Project 1950 - US cd-dvd set
Psycho In The Wax Museum - super rare US 7" vinyl - fan club only - clear vinyl laser etched
                                                 - AUTOGRAPHED by Jerry and Robo
Land Of The Dead - 2 track US 12" on red vinyl - only 1000 pressed
Devil's Rain - 16 track US first pressing with limited edition gatefold sleeve and glow in the dark poster