With kind permission from both Lucifer and his left-hand man, Hooch...
I hope to create an audio and video legacy for the sound of The Matadors

Hooch is cool with fans taping the shows under a couple of conditions...

1) He receives a copy of the show

2) No money exchanges hands in this process

3) While recording, don't interfere with the enjoyment of the rest of the audience
(no wires for people to trip over, no microphones in the way)

4) Have some fun dammit

If anyone has already recorded any Matadors stuff, let me know so we can start this off soon.

If anyone knows of a site we can download video and audio to (hopefully for free) that would be great. 
If you prefer better sound quality (like me), we can do cd-r trades as well.
If fans of the Grateful Dead can do this...why the hell can't we???

You can contact me The Evil Smeghead at aranemgale1@rogers.com if you have
any shows to trade
know of places to up-load music or video
any comments
time to kill
someone to kill (that might require money to change hands)

now...onto the trade list...