Colchester, UK 98 (2cd) (no a/w)
Innocent...Good catches up...Moonlight desires...Pigeon...Guns & god...Stone walls...Guerilla soldier...Make it alone...Dedication...Cyber-babies...Insane...Healing waters...Wild summer nights...Holding this rage...cd2...All the lovers in the world...Chantelier's rag...I'll be there in a minute...Someone long ago...Pour un instante...Lost brotherhood...Criminal mind...I am the walrus...Guns & god...

Video Collection dvd (no a/w)
track list to come...
Rare video collection that I have transferred onto dvd from an official vhs compilation. I bought this tape from a Gowan show a few years ago. Excellent sound and great video quality.

hard to find tracks

Cosmetics - video version (5.29) from dvd

Dancing On My Own Ground - (3.20) from Q107 campfire songs

Dedication - piano version (4.18) from greatest hits

Guerilla Soldier - live video version (5.09) from dvd

Guns and God - acoustic version (3.38) from promo cd

Healing Waters - tribute to Princess Diana (3.59) single

Heart Of Gold - (4.03) from Neil Young tribute

Make It Alone - (4.17) from Homefield 

Radical Superjam - (4.01) from dvd

Strange Animal - edit (4.39) from vinyl
                            - video version (5.04) from dvd
                            - live with Styx (5.55) from dvd

These Eyes - (5.27) from greatest hits

Tittenherst Park (I Met The Spirit There) - (3.45) from dvd

my collection

Gowan - 10 track Can cd
             - lp

Strange Animal - 9 track Can cd
                            - lp

Criminal Mind - 3 track Canadian 12"

(You're A) Strange Animal - 2 track Can 7" with pic. sleeve

Guerilla Soldier - 2 track Can 7" with pic sleeve

Great Dirty World - 9 track Can cd

Moonlight Desires - 2 track Can 7" with pic sleeve

Lost Brotherhood - 10 track Can cd
                               - lp

All The Lovers In The World - 2 track Can cassette single

Lost Brotherhood - 2 track Can cassette single

Out Of A Deeper hunger - 2 track Can cassette single

...but you can call me Larry - 11 track Can cd

Good Catches Up - 9 track Can cd

Guns and God - 1 track promo cd AUTOGRAPHED

Healing Waters - 1 track Can Princess Di tribute cd single

Best Of - 16 track Can cd

Solo Live: No Kilt Tonight - 14 track Can AUTOGRAPHED cd

Solo Live: au Quebec - 15 track Can cd

Home Field - UK only 15 track cd