Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Ultra Rare Trax (no a/w)
Relax (Warp Mix)...Two Tribes (Hibakusha)...Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Kzap edit)...Rage Hard (Freddie Bastone Mix)...Warriors Of The Wasteland (Razormaid Mix)...Watching The Wildlife (Condom Mix)...Relax (Art Of Mix)...Frankie Goes To High Bronski (DMC)...Frankie Goes To War (DMC)...Change Of Hard (Rage Hard DMC)...
Good sound. Some vinyl pops and clicks.

Liverpool dec.20.84
track list coming soon

my collection

Welcome To The Pleasuredome - 13 track US cd
                                                         - 2 lp set from Can.

Two Tribes - 7" Can vinyl

Relax - 7" Can vinyl

Hard To Find Tracks

Two Tribes - 4.02 (cowboys and indians) from Can 7" (slight glitch on vinyl)
                    - 3.23 (for the victims of ravishment) from original Can lp release