AHA - Remixes & Rarities (2cd) (a/w)
The Blue Sky (Demo)...And You Tell Me (Demo)...Hunting High and Low (Extended)...Train of Thought (Reflection Mix)...Sun Always Shines on TV (Extended Mix)...Driftwood (B-Side)...This Alone Is Love (Demo)...I've Been Losing you (Extended Mix)...Cry Wolf (Extended Mix)...The Living Daylights (Movie Version)...Shapes That Go Together (Single Mix)...Can't Take My Eyes Off You (From Coneheads Movie)...Hunting High and Low (Original 7" Mix)...Take on Me (Techno Mix)...cd2...Take on Me (Extended Mix)...Train of Thought (7" Remix)...I've Been Losing You (Dub Mix)...Manhattan Skyline (Extended Remix)...Soft Rains of April (Original Version)... Stay on These Roads (12" Remix)...The Blood That Moves The Body (Extended Mix)...You Are The One (7" Remix)...Angel (Instrumental)...Cold As Stone (Remix)...Move To Memphis (Extended)... Summer Moved On (live @ Nobel Peace Concert 12/11/98)...Stop and Make Your Mind Up (Original B-Side of Take on Me)...Take on Me (Original Version)...
Very easy to tell that most of this is from vinyl. There are some pops and clicks throughout. Very good sound quality though. Demos sound great.

all the following tracks were personally transferred from vinyl. I manually edited out any pops and clicks!

- Take on me - extended version 4.44 (from vinyl)
                        - 7" version 3.44 (from vinyl)
- Love is reason 3.04 (from vinyl)
- The sun always shines on t.v.- extended version 8.25 (from vinyl)
                                                    - instrumental 6.35 (from vinyl)
-Driftwood 3.04 (from vinyl)
- The living daylights - cd single version 4.11 (a slightly different mix to the 7" version)
                                    - 7" 4.05
(from vinyl)
                                    - instrumental (from vinyl)
- The blood that moves the body - 4.08
                                                        - extended version 5.26

my a-ha collection

Take On Me - 3 track UK 12"

Sun Always Shines On TV - 3 track Can. 12"

Scoundrel Days - 10 track Can. album

Living Daylights - US 7" single with picture sleeve

Blood That Moves The Body - 4 track French 3" cd

25 - 2 disc - 39 track Can cd (w/ dvd)